1. Inspect your storage unit and make a list of packing accessories you will need.  Commonly used packing aids include newsprint or wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, rope, drop cloths, polyurethane sheeting, mattresses and furniture covers, pallets and cartons.  The manager may have some or all of these items for sale on the premise.
  2. Place pallets or wood along the floor to allow air to circulate and to prevent condensation and dampness from damaging your belongings.
  3. Remember to pack your space leaving a center aisle for access to all items.
  4. Place valuables towards the rear of your unit.
  5. Items that you will need to access often should be placed towards the front of your unit.


  1. Try to use just one or two size boxes.  That makes it easier to stack them.
  2. Fill boxes to capacity.  Partially full boxes or bulging cartons may tip or collapse.  Use packing material to fill in any empty spaces in the box.
  3. Label and number boxes on all sides.  Make a list of boxes and their contents and keep this list with you.


  1. Clean and dry appliances thoroughly before storing.  One crumb could be an invitation to pests.
  2. Refrigerators and freezers should be stored with their doors ajar to prevent mildew.
  3. Remember to use the space inside your appliances for storage.


  1. These items should be cleaned and wiped with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil to retard rust.
  2. Long-handled tools such as rakes, shovels and hoes may be tied in bundles.
  3. Drain gas from lawn mowers and other power equipment.


  1. Thoroughly vacuum all furniture.  One crumb can attract pests.
  2. Give your wood furniture a good coating of polish before storing.
  3. When placing upholstered items or bedding in your space, use pallets or pieces of wood to avoid contact with concrete.
  4. Try to disassemble large furniture as much as possible.  Remove table legs, tie together and label.  Put screws and hardware in a plastic bag and attach to the furniture.
  5. Wrap mirrors and pictures with pads, or use mirror boxes.  Never store these items flat.
  6. Protect mattresses and furniture with pads and covers.
  7. Most couches - except sofa bets - should be stored on end.
  8. USe dresser tops for stacking boxes and dresser drawers for linens or small delicate items.
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